Our 1-3-5 Recruiting Plan

A good in-house recruiter costs $70k+ (not counting benefits) annually. A good independent recruiter charges 20% of a candidate’s 1st year salary.

Neither option is best for most startups, because startups typically hire in phases: 5 or so people for the “OG” (original group) during the Building Product Stage, 10 people for the Building Usage stage, and 25 people for the Building Business stage.

Our 1-3-5 Plan was designed to meet every founder’s challenge of saving money without sacrificing hiring quality, while enabling them to only pay for the recruiting services that they absolutely need.

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C-Levels, Sales, Marketing, Operations

You can have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t have the right people at the top level, and you don’t focus on your revenue-generators from the onset, your startup is going to fail, and fail sooner rather than later.

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Direct Hires, Contractors, Temp-To-Perm

Sometimes, you don’t necessarily need direct hires. Oftentimes, bringing someone in for a few months is all it takes to get the job done. Sometimes, before you plunge headlong into a long-term commitment with a candidate, you’d like to test things out first.

Regardless of your needs, we can find you the right person for your needs.

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There’s A Smarter Way To Hire Great People.


If you’re like most startups, you have two major challenges when it comes to recruiting:

1) You either aren’t spending enough time recruiting or are spending all your time sourcing candidates, scheduling, interviewing, checking references, negotiating offers, etc. instead of doing what you really should be doing.

2)  You know that hiring the right people will take you to the next level and hiring the wrong people could kill your company at this early stage, but you’re also worried that hiring a recruiting expert could cost you an arm and a leg.

We have a solution for you.  We believe that the typical recruiting firm model isn’t always the best one for startups, and hiring too many in-house recruiters may not be the best use of funds either,  so we came up with a model that enables you to have the recruiting support you need at a reasonable price.

We offer a customized solution that enables you to hire the best people for significantly less than what it would normally cost you, and only when you really need it.

Next Steps…

Tell us what your biggest challenge is today when it comes to recruiting and we’ll help you come up with a customized solution that fits your needs.