Our Approach

​At The Recruiting Ronin, we are passionate supporters of startups. We know that every startup’s success is the success of the rest of the entire startup community, and the startup community’s overall success benefits everyone else.

The more startups we’ve worked with over the years, the more we’ve come to realize that the traditional in-house and external recruiting models do not serve the needs of most startups, especially those that are in the early stages.

Thus, based on the feedback given to us by startup founders, we came up with a talent acquisition model that cuts hiring costs by 50% or more without sacrificing efficiency nor candidate quality.

Our Story

The Recruiting Ronin came about because Dezzi Rae Marshall, would come across very exciting startups that she wanted to work with, but  they couldn’t afford the typical fees that a recruiting firm would charge. So, she decided to go independent so she could pass the savings on to startups that were working on products or services that she truly believed in.

Dezzi is a big believer in recruiting what you know, and what she knows best is sales, marketing, creative and operations, stemming from her past career as a sales consultant, an ad agency account executive, a  public relations director and a marketing director.

A staunch supporter of the startup industry, you’ll find her hosting or organizing startup events throughout Southern California. She also takes on the role of startup advisor, mentor and cheerleader, and loves connecting startup founders with funding sources to  help them reach their next stage of growth.

Next Steps…

To find out if The Recruiting Ronin’s startup-friendly talent acquisition model is right for you, send us an email or give us a call today!