The Recruiting Ronin has been beyond helpful for both myself and my organization. Being a startup, we needed help in two areas – connecting with relevant VC’s and finding key business development people. Dezzi helped me out in both of these areas. She not only connected me to business development resources who already had experience in the right domain but are also enthusiastic and passionate about sales. Anyone who hires The Recruiting Ronin would be lucky to have Dezzi on their side. She has a high worth ethic, is extremely helpful and truly understands the subtleties of matching the right candidates to key positions.
Parshant Jain, CEO

I have the distinct pleasure of not only being personal friends, but also working with Dezzi Rae Marshall on a professional basis.
She not only has the full range of skill sets as it relates to being a world class recruiter in terms of interviewing, assessing the ability, likeability, aptitude, and framework of meanings and values of a potential candidate, but also the soft skills of a strong work ethic, positive attitude, eloquent communication, time management, and self-confidence to take constructive criticism and act timely with keen judgment as a key team player.

One of the unique things that sets Dezzi apart from other recruiters is the genuine passion she has for startup ventures. I’ve experienced how she uses her talents to help co-founders of startups to go from idea to launch in her selfless act of working and being an integral team member in Pitch Globally Media.
I can say truthfully that she has a burning passion to help entrepreneurs in startups in terms of being a true partner in companies that she believes in. She embodies the intersection of a high-performance person who has eloquence in her spoken words and graceful actions. The quality of the work she produces is world class. It is an absolute pleasure to know and work with a woman of her caliber.
Donavon Urfalian,
Founder/CEO, Kodo Startups


My name is Kaustav Chaudhuri, and I’m writing this recommendation for Dezzi Rae Marshall. I met Dezzi through our mutual passion for startups, and have had the opportunity to work with her on Pitch Globally Media. So having had the opportunity to work with her in hosting startup events I’ve seen her skills at work, and they are of very high quality. She contributes with her uncanny talents as a marketing expert, recruiting maverick, and startup consultant. I strongly recommend to anyone who is considering hiring her as a recruiter to please do so. In conclusion, I’d like to say that her skills as a recruiter are matched with her passion to help startup founders and she does an amazing job of adding value to people’s lives by meeting their needs.

Kaustav Chaudhuri (KC Wisdom)
Author, Speaker & Founder
Pitch Globally 


Dezzi recruited me for my current position last year. I’ve received calls from dozens of recruiters in the past and can say that Dezzi stood out. She had a serious opportunity, remained engaged with me and the company through the process, and got the deal done quickly. Too often recruiters are focused on numbers instead of fit, Dezzi is one of the few exceptions and one of the few recruiters calls I will take!”

Josh Bevan
Startup Advisor